Professional License Defense AttorneyProfessionals Regulated by the State of Washington

If you are licensed professional in the State of Washington and are experiencing accusations of professional misconduct, it in in your best interest to seek legal representation now. Seattle Litigation Group, PLLC focuses on representing clients that may be facing license revocation and suspensions by the State of Washington. We’ve provided a list of individuals that we can help. It is in your best interest to call us today.

Licensed Professional Defense

1.  Mortgage Brokers
2.  Loan Originators
3.  Escrow Agents
4.  Auctioneers
5.  Bail Bond Agents
6.  Security Guards
7.  Private Investigators
8.  Employment Agencies
9.  Commercial Telephone Solicitors
10. Court Reporters
11. Driver Training Schools and Instructors
12. Vehicle Operators for Hire
13. Limousines and Limousine Drivers
14. Boxing, Martial Arts, and Wrestling Professionals
15. Real Estate Appraisers
16. Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons
17. Home Inspectors
18. Appraisal Management Companies
19. Insurance Agents
20. Accountants
21. Tow Truck Drivers
22. Hulk Haulers
23. Travel Agents
24. Timeshare and Timeshare Salespersons
25. Camping Resort Operators
26. Whitewater River Outfitters
27. Cosmetologist, Barbers, Manicurists, and Estheticians
28. Body Artists, Body piercers, body piercing,
29. Tattooing Shops, and tattoo artists, and body art and Businesses
30. Architects
31. Certified Public Accountants

Licensed Health Professional Defense:

1.  Chiropractors
2.  Podiatrists
3.  Dentists and Dental Hygienists and Denturists
4.  Embalmers
5.  Midwifes
6.  Nursing Homes and Nursing Home Administrators
7.  Optometrists
8.  Pharmacists and Pharmacy assistants
9.  Physicians and Physician assistants
10. Physical Therapists
11. Psychologists
12. Long-term Care Workers
13. Respiratory Care Practitioners
14. Radiology Technicians
15. Naturopaths
16. Mental Health Counselors and Chemical Dependency Professionals
17. Social Workers
18. Athletic Trainers
19. Massage Therapists

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