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You put in long hours to do a great job and get ahead only to be denied a promotion, raise, or worse, fired, because of your race, gender or other innate quality. We represent employees in cases of discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination by their employers. Employment discrimination may take many forms and can create emotionally charged situations. We have navigated clients through allegations involving harassment, discrimination, and complicated relationships in the workplace. For example, we appeared before the State Supreme Court in Kumar v. Gate Gourmet, where we prevailed in forcing employers to reasonably accommodate their employee’s religious beliefs.

You deserve to be paid for the time that you worked. We represent employees when their employers have failed to pay them as agreed, failed to pay minimum wage, failed to pay overtime or otherwise wrongly withheld wages. Most recently we successfully represented wait staff for a multi-restaurant company who were not paid overtime or minimum wage. We also represented caregivers in adult family homes who were not paid minimum wage or overtime.

We will help you to continue working after you separate from your employer. We review and contest severance and non-compete agreements and other details involved when an employee separates from their employer.

Businesses and employees need each other to thrive. In practice, employers and their employees often experience difficulties. When dispute or conflict compromises your rights, you want a knowledgeable and experienced firm to handle your case. We can help navigate you through that process.

Don’t let others take away what you have labored long and hard for. Let the attorneys at Seattle Litigation Group assist you in protecting your ability to support yourself and your family. We are experienced attorneys who understand the critical importance of keeping you working or your business open.

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