Ariella Wagonfeld – Associate Attorney

Ariella Wagonfeld – Associate Attorney

Ariella joined Seattle Litigation Group with a purpose of contributing a solid litigation background to an established firm. Ariella is experienced in all facets of litigation though she has a particular passion for negotiation and mediation, recognizing the power of settlement to close the door on a difficult chapter and help people move into the next phase of their lives.

In her role as an attorney, Ariella believes justice requires compassion. With a primary focus in employment law, Ariella understands the power of litigation to right wrongs. The workplace is where most people spend the majority of their time; often sacrificing time with family and other pursuits to pursue a career in which they believe. When a work relationship sours it is not only finances and reputation that suffer, but an individual’s belief in themselves, their purpose, and their value to society.

Ariella’s objective is to ensure that every client closes their case feeling that they have restored that value. Ariella’s practice includes severance negotiations, reviewing employment agreements, advising on employment matters, and litigation in all areas relating to employment. Ariella also practices general litigation to maintain a sharp skill set.

It is Ariella’s belief that every individual deserves to be valued and respected. Outside of work, Ariella focuses her energies on providing opportunity to others. Currently, Ariella is engaged in a long-term project evaluating youth participation in sports and destroying barriers to entry. A level playing field in extra-curricular activities can be the basis for a level playing field in life.

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